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Three Things Thursday - The Year 2010

What did you do in 2010, or what do you plan on doing in 2011? We have been a decade in the 20s. I remember when 2000 flipped how everyone was worried about the computers. Now everyone is worried about 2012 and the Mayan calendar. I don't know, just live while you can and stop worrying about that stuff. If the world blows up in 2012, or even tomorrow, there's nothing you can do. So forget it.
Three things about...
2010 or 2011.
1.    I feel accomplished here at the end of 2010. I’ve gotten over some fears (flying in airplanes being one), gotten onto a career path, and work on the side for a publisher. This year has opened doors for the next year that I would never have thought possible.
2.    One of those doors is the possibility to write another book. I’m gearing up for it. It’s ready to spill out. Now to just write it. Another is that I will continue editing, which is what I truly love. I have found my passion, and I’m going to stick with it.
3.    I hope in 2011 I can visit more places and open my eyes a little wider to how things in this world work. I want to grow. Both as a person and alongside my husband. I have hopes for this year that at this moment it seems will be fulfilled. That is extremely exciting.

Guten Rutsch!

How about you? Tell me in the comments or in your own blog post and link below.


Books Read in 2010

It's time to count up the books I read in 2010. It doesn't feel like that many since it was hard to find English books here, but I think it's actually a pretty good number. I'll give a list of the books I read with a little review of what I thought. Also 1-5 stars depending on how much I liked it. We'll start with a count, and in a later post I'll begin the reviews.

I still have one week left to add some to the list!

Reread books: 11
Non-Fiction: 8
YA: 30
Fiction: 50
Total: 57

Last year I read 60 books. So 57 is actually pretty good. I think I could have read a ton more if I had the Kindle way earlier, as I've breezed through a lot of those books in the last month. I will mix in a review of my Kindle somewhere in the blog posts of what books I've read this year.


Three Things Thursday - When You're Sick

I'm sick today. Everyone in my office has been sick, and I was really hoping not to catch it. I think I was successful considering what I have is nothing like what they had! So there's my positive spin on being home sick. Now I want to know what are your favorite things to do when you're sick.
Three things about...

what you do when you're sick.
1.    Read. I can never pass up a chance to read more. I devour books when I’m sick because I’m in bed anyways. It turns into a wonderful thing, unless I feel so awful that I can’t concentrate on the words. Then it’s a really bad day.
2.    Watch favorite childhood movies. This is when I pull out Aladdin and Robin Hood. Notice I’m not really into the princess movies. They are just complete airheads, and I can’t stand it. I need intelligent women in my movies.
3.    Catching up on house stuff like the mail and little errands. For instance today I signed up for a new internet service online. I should clean the house…but that’s a little too labor intensive for how I feel right now. Maybe later.

Tell me your three things in the comments or leave a link to your own blog post.


Three Things Thursday - Your Face

What do you think about your face? Do you have some pieces that you love and others that you could change? Overall, I like my face. I'm not the type to have lots of mirrors in the house or to do fancy make-up, so I don't look at it very often. So tell me three things about your face. You can be positive or negative, do with it what you want. For you writers out there here's a chance to really play with three things Thursday.
Three things about...
your face.
1.    My eyes. When I wear red they are stunningly blue. And when my hair was dyed red they were Caribbean blue all the time. I like to hope that when I’m truly happy they get a little glint just on the right corner of each pupil. Oh, that reminds me, one of my pupils is larger. It looks strange.
2.    My cheeks are way too chubby. I should have lost that by now, right? With my hair up they look skinnier. If I could just slim them down I would be happier to stare into mirrors…or not.
3.    My nose is adorably cute. But it’s so small that sometimes I just can’t breath. But it’s cute. I think my nieces’ button noses look like mine. People have even said the newborn, Ella, looks like me! That freckle is like a family member. If I woke up one day and didn't see it there I think I would have a heart attack.

Tell me your three things in the comments or leave a link to your own blog post.


Three Things Thursday - Family

Do you love your family? I do. Sometimes I get sick of them, but that's just because I'm an introvert and two weeks of constant people tires me out. But I love them so much. Since I just spent those two weeks in Colorado with my family, I thought family would be an appropriate Three Things topic.
Three things about...
your family.
(From left: Brother-in-law's parents; Albert holding Sam; Dad and Mom; Kelli holding baby Ella and brother-in-law A.J.; and Sadie the dog.)
1.    My immediate family is very close. Sometimes we bicker, and grumble, and complain about each other, but we are rather tight. I stayed in Colorado for college and worked for my dad through and after. My sister moved away for college and stayed away a while until my dad hired her as a manager. Family business through and through. We all lived in our little home town and probably will for a long time if/when Albert and I move back.
2.    My mother is a big mother bear. She likes to take care of all of us. When something is wrong she either comforts us or tells us to get up and do something about it. She’s wonderful.
3.    My dad is quiet. He works so hard. It makes me tired just thinking about everything he does. He’s a veterinarian but he takes care of the house and the animals in all of his free time.

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